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LED Lighted Ring Boxes
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BFB Lighted Ring box

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BFB Lighted Engagement Ring Box - The Smallest LED lighted ring box at Bling the Ring!

Only 2" x 2.25" x 1.25" - This means you can hide the ring box in your pocket easily. It's Small but the LED light is very Bright!

HIGH POWERED LED Light shines directly down on the ring.

Bring out the sparkles of the stones

Perfect For Proposing in the dark.


High quality Matte Black Pleather exterior.

Fine Black velvet inlay, with a bright LED light on the upper inside.

Light switches on and off when box is opened or closed.

Powered by Lithium batteries (Included) are securely attached to the bottom of the box and will not dislodge.


Disclaimer: ring not included

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