To be honest, I have seen some pretty tacky lighted engagement ring boxes so the idea of using one for a marriage proposal wasn’t my first recommendation. However, I must admit after seeing Bling The Ring take a classy approach to transform lighted ring boxes I changed my mind (a least in regards to one of their boxes). The idea stemmed from Jay who wanted to propose with a lighted ring box and when the moment came…it didn’t go exactly as he planned. You can read his proposal story below!


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When you propose, your partner is going to remember every detail, every emotion she felt, and she will pass that story on to your children and grandchildren. That is why the proposal is so important and why you must give her a great proposal story. After all, you can upgrade a diamond, but you can never change a memory. The Heart Bandits create that one of a kind moment that your partner won’t stop talking about. It can be stressful planning such a special event and it means everything to your partner. Let them take all of the stress from you and make sure your event is perfect.


You’ve met the girl of your dreams, you are truly, madly, deeply in love with her and you cannot wait to pop the question.

But what is stopping you is the fact that you have no idea HOW to propose to her.

If the above is the situation you find yourself in, then this article is written just for you. After much deliberation I have come up with a list of the 7 Most Amazing Ways in which you can Propose to your girl. I hope you find one that you can recreate and get your girl to say yes!

1. Design a web page

This one is an out-of-the-box method quite in sync with today’s technology driven world. Get a web designer to design a web page for you which consists of your photos together, maybe a poem you’ve dedicated to her, the imagery of a place you want to or have gone together to and the works. Create an online memoir which will remind her of all the wonderful things you’ll have done together and why you are THE ONE for her. Send her the link to the page once it’s ready and await her positive reply.

2. A one-day picnic

Go away for a one day picnic. Start with a romantic early morning drive to eventually go to a fun / adventurous theme park or a romantic resort – whichever setting she’d prefer. Spend quality time with her away from the mad rush of the city and be extra kind, loving and generous to her. Today is the day you got to let the love flow freely and let her know just how much you love her. On the drive back halt the car at a random location and completely out of nowhere flash the ring. She will be surprised to say the least and will be too delighted to say anything but a yes!

3. Gather family / friends for dinner

One way to seal the deal is to do it in the presence of loved ones. Show your ‘homely good boy’ side by organising and hosting a dinner for family and friends. You don’t have to necessarily tell them the reason behind this get together. When you are sure that no one is in on your plan, and you find everyone immersed in conversation & having a gala time, grab their attention and pop the question. Surprise them, surprise her and what will follow is a flurry of emotions, hugs, tears and congratulations!

4. A ‘proposal’ hunt

Get creative and adventurous by planning a ‘proposal’ hunt. Plan your clues in advance and let one clue led to another till the last one finally leads to you standing there with a ring in one hand and a rose in the other. Once the preparations are in order, drop the first clue on her like a bomb and keep at it till she reaches her destination - YOU! Don’t make the hunt too long or complicated, as she might lose interest. Keep it simple and patiently wait for her to accept the ring and fall in your arms.

5. Do a Chandler!

All F.R.I.E.N.D.S. aficionados will know how Chandler wanted to propose to Monica. Lead her to believe that you don’t want to get married anytime soon, that in fact you are beginning to question the institution itself and that you probably would never want to get married. Lead her astray so that she is saddened by your confessions but not completely disheartened. Play along for a day or two, and then the following night decorate her room with candles, balloons and keep champagne at ready. Once she walks in, get down on one knee and propose. She will be surprised, shocked, teary eyed and very very happy all at once.

6. Dinner / Romance / Wine

Though done time and again, this one never goes out of fashion. Plan a romantic eveningwith her. Book a table at an expensive restaurant, order the best wine, and arrange for live romantic music to be played. Ask her for a dance before the main course arrives and pop the question. The ambiance thus created should be such that she simply cannot refuse.

7. Heartfelt words

If you have decent writing skills then write poems for her. Send her one poem and a bouquet of flowers each day of the week and with each passing day let the romance build. On the 7th day, meet her in person and hand her a bouquet. Then talk freely & express your true emotions for her. Tell her how happy she would make you by agreeing to your proposal and how ‘she completes you’. Use words as your weapon of choice and slay her with your wit, charm and honesty. She simply won’t be able to refuse.

Hope these suggestions have eased your dilemma. Use one of these ideas and ask your girl out and she will surely yes! (DatingMensXP.com)



When most people think of diamonds, they think of the 4 C’s: carat, color, clarity, and cut (some guys I’ve spoken to say there’s a fifth C – “cost” – but that’s another story). What most people don’t consider is that “cut” is the most important thing to consider when choosing a diamond.

Many confuse “cut” with the of a diamond (round, princess, oval, etc) – they are not the same thing. “Cut” refers to the way a diamond is cut from the rough (or from a larger diamond), affecting the proportions, the angles, and the overall sparkle. A well-cut diamond will look larger, hide imperfections, look whiter, and as a whole, be more brilliant. Unfortunately, the majority of diamonds on the market are not well-cut.

Let’s assume that all three diamonds are the same weight. The diamond on the right will face up smaller (look smaller when viewed from the top) because there is too much weight on the bottom. Not only do you end up paying for size you can’t see, but the diamond will have less light return as well. On the other hand, the diamond on the left will face up the largest of the three, but it will be lifeless because as you can see from the picture, light will leak from its sides.

Looking at this picture and the chart, it’s obvious that most people would want a colorless diamond in the D-F range. But 95% of the population can’t see any color in a well-cut “H” diamond. If a diamond is especially well-cut, you can even go down to “I” or even “J” and no layman would know.

Just for comparison, a 1.00ct, D, VS1 diamond costs between $7,000-$8,000. Compare that to a 1.00ct, H, VS1 with a range of $4,500-$5,500!
Now on to clarity. Clarity runs from the “FL” (flawless) or “IF” (internally flawless) range to the “I” (included) range:

Based on pictures like these, most people stay clear of anything below a “VVS2.” However, when plotting inclusions, gemologists scrutinize these diamonds under 10x, sometimes even 20x magnification. If you are lucky, you can find a beautiful “SI1″ that is completely eye-clean (which means that you cannot see the inclusions with the naked eye). I even read about one girl who wanted a 2ct diamond on a $10,000 budget. While most jewelers laughed at her, she was patient and found a jeweler who was able to find her a 2ct diamond that was an “I1.” Although she was able to see the largest inclusion, it was positioned on a corner so the prong in her ring completely covered it.

Unless you’re really adamant about a flawless diamond, anything in the “VVS” range is overkill. Why pay for something you can’t see? For comparison, a 1.00ct G FL diamond can cost $7,500-$9,000. Go down in clarity with a 1.00ct G SI1 and the price jumps down to $4,000 to $5,000.
To reiterate: find a well-cut diamond and you can sacrifice a lot on color and clarity. Use the extra money and invest it in your retirement fund. Put it towards your wedding or your honeymoon. Or just buy a larger diamond with it!