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Bling the Ring?

“I started this business because when I decided to propose, I went on a quest to find the perfect lighted ring box. I looked. And looked. And LOOKED. WOW.. how hard is it to find a measly ring box that LIGHTS UP?? All I wanted was a NON-CHEAP looking box and for the ring to be visible when I popped the question. I was planning on proposing in a dim lighted restaurant and needed the help of some light to accentuate the ring. I finally located a decent one on Amazon. When it finally arrived, I was pleased enough and couldn’t contain my excitement. I placed the ring in the box and must have opened it at least three times a day for a month just to look at it, making sure the light was working, and trying to guess my girlfriend’s reaction.

Everything seemed ready. And I was about to demonstrate the perfect proposal.. or so I thought. During the key moment of presenting the ring, the stinking box didn’t light up. The batteries were stupidly attached to the velvet inset, and it had fallen when I placed the ring box inside a bowl of rose petals.”

Guys if you plan on popping the question in a dim, candlelit atmosphere this could be a perfect touch. Happy proposing!

Jay - Founder, Bling the Ring